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Born and raised in Columbus with 2 parents and three siblings and currently resides in the Brentnell Area; single mother of two, grandmother of four

Education Background.

Attended St. Francis DeSales High School and studied Criminology and Political Science at Capital University

Volunteer Work.

Served as Chair of the North Central Area Commission, Economic Advisory Committee, and Community Safety Advisory Committee


About Tiffany.

As a single mother of two, Tiffany is not a stranger to working multiple jobs to make sure her families needs were met. She has sacrificed and made tough financial decisions making sure her families necessities were met first. She like many other families have suffered the heartache of addiction as her oldest child suffers from same. She made the decision to raise her four grandchildren who have multiple life challenges as a result of their parents addiction. Her story is not for kudos because she is one of thousands in Columbus who have made this tough sacrifice. She understands the challenges to resources and barriers to obtain them.

As a homegrown Columbus community leader, Tiffany believes the first responsibility of an elected leader is its citizens. That means everyone. She’s spent over a decade volunteering her service on various committees and commissions with almost every department in this city, as chair of the North Central Area Commission. She not only makes recommendations on zoning but also as an advocate and partner for other communities who seek her for assistance. She believes that citizens voices should be a priority with regard to equitable economic development, distribution of resources, and developer accountability. She cares about transparency and participation in local government.

Goals & Issues.

Build Affordable Housing
Stop Gentrification
Police Accountability
Stop Corporate bailouts
Support Reparations
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